EOOS NEXT is a diverse group of designers/architects/theorists, who applies sustainable and social design strategies to our projects.


EOOS NEXT is experienced in developing design models that can be tested in real life contexts, to gather important findings on the employed technologies and user behavior prior to industrialization. We generate design mock-ups for test sites in Europe, Africa, and India with support from local teams in technology installation and maintenance, scientific research, and test site setup.


EOOS NEXT is an industrial design studio that focuses on translating technologies into products and visualizing them in full scale. We use stateoftheart software and rapid prototyping technologies, such as additive manufacturing, to visualize future-oriented products. While engineering services are outsourced to partners, we focus on design and deliver design models that can be used to better understand user behavior. These models serve as the departure points for subsequent industrialization processes.



EOOS NEXT works on the basis of design contracts, research grants, and commissions. Besides concrete assignments, we initiate our own design projects to investigate future potentials and product ideas on the horizon and to advocate the urgent need for alternatives to unsustainable lifestyles around the globe. Our research fields include future mobility, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), energy generation, and synergetic coexistence with nature.